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A conceptual thinker with a strong and versatile sense of design, style and color, Andi thrives on new and unique creative challenges. Observant, and highly sensitive to her surroundings, she sees beauty and is inspired by things other people don't often notice. 


Andi's creative journey began with toddler classes at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Multifaceted and forward thinking, a diverse range of experiences over 30 years designing for the fashion, home furnishings, textile and giftware markets, enable Andi to adeptly create original concepts and designs for surface patterns and product lines across categories, from high end to mass market. 

One benefit of a creative mind is you don't always know what or why something

will inspire a solution you aren't looking for at the time!  Curious by repeated suggestions to mass produce her "one-of-a-kind " hand sculpted pillows from up-cycled 100% cashmere sweaters, Andi was nonetheless intrigued. Studying some photos of her original pillows, out of the blue, it came to her. So began the development of CHC Trompé  L'Oeil Collections, a concept for printed pillows and other soft goods based on her originals designs. 

​Andi originally planned on having a website for consumers. After designing her first couple of trompé l'oeil collections, she realized her joy in designing, love of creative concepts and years of experience are much better suited for creating unique custom solutions for clients and client's customers.

Three exclusive cashmere pillows including a luxurious pet pillow bed were selected and included in Interior Design Magazine's 2015 Best of Milan Design Week Online Photo Gallery.

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